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Trading card game for Star Wars Galaxies

Champions of the Force, for subscribers only.

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Sony Online Entertainment is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its controversial MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, with the release of a new online trading card game.

The game, Champions of the Force, will be released this summer. It will be available to Star Wars Galaxies subscribers only; they will receive five booster packs per month as part of their existing subscription, at no additional cost. More booster packs will be available from SOE's online store.

Champions of the Force players can choose to play for either the light or dark side of the force, and have a go at story-based solo play, one-on-one competitive play, co-operative encounters and official tournaments. As is traditional for MMO tie-ins, there will be 20 loot cards that unlock exclusive in-game items. Desirable cards can be obtained from Star Wars Galaxies adventures, too.

Sony Online Entertainment has tried this before, linking its EverQuest 2 fantasy MMO with the Legends of Norrath online trading card game.

The game's fifth anniversary is also being celebrated with some in-game festivities, including "regularly scheduled Imperial parades" and "appearances by Princess Leia", it says here.

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