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Piranha Bytes offers details on "RPB"

Gothic dev fills blanks on next game.

Deep Silver has offered plenty more details on "RPB", the next game from Gothic developer Piranha Bytes.

This will be set in a fictional medieval volcanic island and be based on real-life, with no orcs or elves or dwarves in sight. You arrive on the island at the start of the adventure and open up other areas in a linear fashion as you go.

Graphically we're told "RPB" - an acronym combining "role-playing game" and "Piranha Bytes" while a proper name is decided on - will appear "dirty and used". There will be humorous characters to chat to, plus lots of realistic weather effects and varying locations to see, both overland and underground.

There's an interesting skill level system where, by spending points on fighting abilities, your visual attacks will become more graceful as if you were improving.

The hero of "RPB" will keep a consistent appearance, and reel off "inner monologues" while also needing to sleep, eat, and drink. Magic will feature, and we're told you may be able to transform into other things further down the line.

Importantly, we're told there will be women in the game, and trees will be a mixture of leaves and pine needles.

Piranha Bytes is planning a demo, and all the quad-core processor talk on the website FAQ makes "RPB" sound like a PC exclusive, although platforms are yet to be announced.

You may remember that Piranha Bytes fell out with JoWooD last year, prompting the latter to create Gothic 4 independently.

Still, Piranha Bytes is optimistic about the "newly found freedom" to pursue new and unique ideas.

More, hopefully, at Leipzig next month.