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Ubi delays HAWX, dates Hell's Highway

Reveals "Armored Core 4 Answers".

Ubisoft has pushed Tom Clancy's HAWX, all of them, back to 2009. Squawk.

We expected the flight sim in September, but now face release in the fourth quarter of Ubi's financial year (sometime between January and the end of March 2009).

Thankfully the Ubisoft schedule finally cleared up the Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway date. The game will definitely be released on 26th September, the publisher said. No foolies.

There's good news too for Nintendo-based WWII fans - Ubisoft is launching a Wii compilation of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood on the same day.

Also on the list, under September, is a game called "Armored Core 4 Answers" for PS3 and Xbox 360. We'll try and find out what this is.

Soulcalibur IV, incidentally, is due out this Friday on PS3 and Xbox 360. We'll be bringing you our thoughts soon.