Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood

Brothers in Arms downloads

Earned in Blood skirmishes.

Time to get the bayonets out again, Brothers in Arms - you can download a trio of new skirmish maps for Earned in Blood on PC and Xbox. Arms' manufacturer Ubisoft released them yesterday evening as part of a 1.03 patch for the PC version (no word on what else it does) and as a downloadable Xbox Live update for those of you with that version.

Next-gen Brothers in Arms news

Gearbox CEO spills the beans.

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox, has revealed more of what we can expect from the next-gen instalment in the series.

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Real men don't use medipacks.

In a step that risks setting back the cause of progressive games reviewing several years here are five things that I loathe about Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood.

Number One. Anyone getting their WW2 education primarily from this game would think that the German army's sole preparation for D-Day was to commandeer every single crate, barrel and oil drum in Western Europe, ship them to Normandy, then arrange them in neat barriers every twenty metres or so.

Number Two. (and this is connected to number one) What in God's name do the good people of north-west France manufacture their doors from? It has to be some-kind of bullet-proof, boot-proof miracle timber; why else would soldiers on both sides insist on doing 98 per cent of their fighting in the open air.

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Brothers in Arms EIB demo

Now available for download.

Ubisoft has released a playable demo of Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood, now available for download from the game's website.

Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood

Same war, different tour.

As the nine-hundred-and-seventieth World War II game released in the years following Medal of Honor, it's perhaps understandable that Brothers In Arms slipped under a few radars. What's impressive is that, having done that, it then watched our movements closely, flanked us completely and surprised us with its authenticity and tactical ingenuity - both oddly rare things in a sub-genre borne of a real-life war. It won't be so easy this time, mind you. Just as well then that one of Gearbox's professed goals with this, the not-quite-a-sequel, is to outthink you.