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Puzzle Quest expansion on Live tomorrow

Revenge of the Plague Lord begins.

D3Publisher is releasing a Puzzle Quest add-on called Revenge of the Plague Lord on Xbox Live tomorrow.

The price is 700 Points (GBP 5.95 / EUR 8.40) and there are plenty of new toys to play with.

There are four new hero professions in the shape of bard, rogue, ranger and warlock, for example, along with 25 new quests, 50 extra spells and 40 magical items.

Antharg is the Plague Lord in question and awaits you at the end of your travels, but there are plenty of other new baddies and bosses to face along the way.

The level cap has also been raised to 60 and there are new Achievements to pursue.

Puzzle Quest is a cross between Bejeweled and a role-playing game that has rats and fairies and things. You fight baddies by out thinking them in a puzzle showdown, which all worked out very well and left the original game with lots of high praise.

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