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Sony details PAIN Amusement Park

More online bits and trophy support soon.

Sony has launched lots more information about its Amusement Park add-on for PAIN.

It will be out later this summer and will hop on the trophy support bandwagon, according to Sony spokesperson Travis Williams on the official US blog.

Amusement Park also finally lets you invite friends into your world over the Internet, rather than limiting you to the existing mini-game spin-offs.

Inside the park are giant hot and cold teddy bears, rollercoasters, rides, stalls, and all the clutter you expect from a wildly exaggerated theme park.

"Bouncing clowns that need tossing and smacking?" asks Williams, suggesting they'll be in.

PAIN came out on PSN early last year and got lots of claps. The idea is to launch your rag-doll into things so it hurts itself and smashes the place up. If you can keep your momentum up and chain your pain together then you can get big points.

Williams also left a cryptic little message about the new area that will follow Amusement Park. "Oh. My. Good-Goobly-Goo," teased Williams. What?

Crash into Eurogamer TV for the first PAIN: Amusement Park trailer.