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Another boost for WOW levelling

60-70 progression will be faster.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

World of Warcraft lead designer Jeff Kaplan has confirmed in a forum post that Blizzard is "planning on speeding up levelling in the 60-70 range" in next expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

The 60-70 range encompasses all the high-level content from the current expansion, The Burning Crusade. Players levelling Death Knight hero characters in the Lich King beta test had noticed they were making faster progression in Burning Crusade's Outland.

Kaplan, posting under his famous alias Tigole, said that the team was "still adjusting" the change, and sought feedback from players.

Late last year, the Gods of Zul'Aman patch increased the levelling speed in the original game from levels 20-60, to hasten players on their way to Outland. It now seems that Blizzard intends to do the same for the road to new continent Northrend.

In other WOW news, Eurogamer MMO finally managed to log on to the Lich King beta last night, and we stayed up past our bedtime playing it. We'll bring you our impressions soon.

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