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Leipzig keynote all about Demigod

Gas Powered to detail PC fantasy RTS.

Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor will be talking about Demigod ahead of the Leipzig Games Convention next month.

Taylor will detail the game in a keynote address at the Games Convention Developers Conference, which precedes the consumer show.

This is the PC-exclusive real-time strategy game where you control a large force as a hero unit, a bit like Supreme Commander, only less complicated, and with fantasy beasts instead of robots.

Demigod has a single-player campaign, but only really as a training ground for online co-operative or head-to-head battles.

Gas Powered Games was "fairly certain" in March that Demigod would be out this year, and hopefully we can carve some time out of our schedule to play the game at Leipzig.

Until then, pop over to Eurogamer TV for a brand new and very impressive Demigod trailer.