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Demigod "turning point" this week

Connectivity problems gone - Stardock.

Stardock boss Brad Wardell reckons the Demigod connectivity issues will be cleared up this week.

His team has set up a proxy server to host online matches, he writes on his Impulse blog, plus he suggests some NAT port numbers to forward to routers to help peer-to-peer connections. Most of the proxy servers are hosted in the US or the West, however, so people connecting from afar may prefer a P2P solution.

"I feel confident that this next week is going to be the turning point for those people who have had connectivity difficulties - plus the whole range of stat stuff, pantheon stuff, etc. will come into line because, as I've said elsewhere, the connectivity thing was our number-one priority," writes Wardell.

"Everyone, including the people who would resolve favour items and favour points and accurate win/loss stuff has been pulled onto this," he adds, revealing that even the art team were even tasked with speeding up NAT connections.

Demigod was released in April as a digital download, and can be bought from the Stardock store now.

Developed by Gas Powered Games, Demigod is a competitive online real-time strategy game with RPG elements, based around the popular Defence of the Ancients mod for Warcraft 3.

Wardell reveals that marketing for the game has been held back until the launch teething issues are overcome, and expects the push to begin mid-May. That date, incidentally, will be when moderators are to begin overseeing the action.

Furthermore, Wardell says anyone purchasing the game now will be offered a second copy of Demigod for half-price for "a limited time".

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