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SupCom dev unveils Demigod

Fresh IP from Chris Taylor.

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Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has unveiled its brand new title as Demigod.

According to Games for Windows magazine it is a blend of RTS, RPG, and action; very similar to Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients.

The big idea is that you control a Hero and charge around the map killing enemies to increase your powers, before stomping on your opponent and smashing their puny face into pieces.

Demigods in this game take lots of different forms, one is a big Shadow of the Colossus-like boss who clearly focuses on his own strength, while another is a walking castle and thrives on building smaller units.

Apparently the main focus will be on co-operative multiplayer, with a single-player mode mainly included to prepare you for your online thrills.

So far Demigod looks to be a PC exclusive, but with Supreme Commander heading to 360, a multiplatform release isn't out of the question.

Excited and that. You?

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