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Atari to box-publish Demigod in 2009

Colossal heroes on the rampage.

Atari has picked up co-publishing rights to PC action strategy game Demigod, and plans a release sometime next year.

Demigod, developed by Gas Powered Games, sits along similar lines to Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. Players take control of a colossal god-like hero unit and wade into battle alongside a piddly army, choosing either to lead the line as an Assassin, or hang back and adopt a strategic perspective as a General.

There several different types of Demigod for each approach, and even a role-playing vein running through the action where equipment and abilities can be acquired and carried into other battles.

Also, like the Warcraft III mod, the emphasis is on multiplayer, although a single-player element is included - albeit more as a training ground.

Stardock, the digital co-publisher, reckons the second phase of the beta test will go live sometime this week, according to its website.

Head over to our Demigod gallery for the latest screenshots.

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