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Deep Silver takes Ride to Hell

GTA-style biker game for 2009.

Deep Silver has whipped the wrappers off a brand new GTA-style game for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Dubbed Ride To Hell, the idea is to fill the leather boots of a biker during the '60s, when people did lots of jiggy and took lots of drugs and went to the moon. The goal is to capture your rivals' turf.

Deep Silver is making the game internally and using a film-style model of outsourcing lots of its work - although there will be a core team overseeing everything.

"The Deep Silver development team has worked on some of the greatest and grittiest, free-form-style games to ever hit the market," said Cathy Ticshe, marketing woman at Deep Silver.

"They are pulling out all the stops to bring the biker gang world alive in Ride to Hell, from the 1960s art style, music and scenery to the completely raw and intense game play."

Ride to Hell is out in Q2 2009.