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New Gaia Online MMO named zOMG!


Here's a sober warning about the perils of allowing your community too much say. Teen social and casual gaming site Gaia Online held a user competition to come up with a name for its in-development MMO and has just announced the winning title: zOMG!

"It's short, it's punchy, it's memorable and it pretty much says it all," said a Gaia representative. "Many congrats to Chat_God for suggesting the title!"

It doesn't look so bad when you consider some of the alternatives that were submitted: Do Your Best or Try, Christmas Dawg, Who I Like From Naruto, Mormon Battle, Rings Of Legasy The Whole Thing Will Be Like Huge, and Stool.

zOMG! - a title which plays all kinds of merry havoc with our auto-correct feature, thanks for that - is a Flash-based browser MMO with combat, minigames and cheery manga-style graphics. It has just started closed beta testing.