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NCsoft taking gamers' DNA to space

Richard Garriott offering lifts to cosmos.

NCsoft is offering to take the digitised DNA of gamers into outer space, in a promotion it's calling Operation Immortality.

Richard Garriott, creator of NCsoft's sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa, will take the DNA codes with him in a time capsule when he pops out to the International Space Station in October. Wonder if he'll pick up some milk for us on the way back.

Previously thought to be the space tourist fantasy of a very rich man, the purpose of Garriott's trip is now revealed to be "venturing into space to save humanity". As long as humanity plays Tabula Rasa and is American.

"A select few US players will have their DNA digitised and sent," said Garriott. "And, theoretically, if anything happens to the human race, it could be their DNA that is used to resurrect humanity."

European law prohibits participation on this side of the Atlantic, unfortunately. However, all Tabula Rasa players worldwide with retail accounts that are active on 2nd September will have their characters uploaded to the device, so they can at least hitch a ride virtually.

There will also be a list of humanity's greatest achievements included on the Immortality Drive, as polled on the Operation Immortality website.

For a chance to go to space, you don't actually need to buy the game - an active free trial obtained from the game's official site will do.