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Capcom officially unveils Dead Rising Wii

Uses Resi 4 engine and is out this winter.

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Capcom has said the Wii version of Dead Rising will be subtitled Chop Till You Drop and will be out this winter.

It'll use the Resi 4 Wii engine as a foundation, so you can point your Wiimote at zombies and shoot them in the face. The game will lose a little visual flair so it can handle to amount of baddies on-screen.

There are also slashing and bludgeoning gestures to be done, plus you can "shake off" zombies, which may sound a little rude but we're sure is harmless. Or maybe even armless.

Capcom promises a more lenient save system, which presumably checkpoints your progress more often.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop tells the story of photographer Frank West, who goes to investigate some strange goings on in Willamette. What follows is his survival in the shopping mall, and more than a big nod to films such as Dawn of the Dead (whose creators sought legal action against Capcom).

Dead Rising appeared on Xbox 360 in August 2006 and impressed us. We liked using scenery to chop zombies in pieces and boost our kill-count up into the hundreds.

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