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PS3 selling twice as well as last year

Sony confident of reaching 10m target.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The PlayStation 3 has sold twice as many units worldwide this summer than during the same period last year, producing smiles and maybe lunch parties with wine at Sony.

Between April and June 2008 shoppers snapped up 1.56 million PS3 consoles - over double the 700,000 figure from 2007.

PSP sales were also up, climbing from 2.13 million in 2007 to 3.72 million in 2008.

Software figures followed a similar trend. PS3 game sales surged upwards by 18.1 million units, more than quadrupling the 4.7 million figure for the period in 2007.

PSP game sales increased by 2 million, bringing the April to June total to 11.8 million.

Sony saw a slight slump in PS2 hardware and software numbers, although both figures are still more than respectable: 1.51 million consoles shifted and 19.3 million game sales.

Sony still expects to sell 10 millions PS3 consoles this financial year, which ends March 2009, as well as 15 million PSP handhelds.

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