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Okami needs to sell or no sequel

Capcom VP spells it out.

Capcom needs to sell lots more copies of Okami before it will contemplate a sequel, according to VP of strategic planning Christian Svensson.

"I think we need a lot more people buying the current version before we seriously consider a sequel," Svensson told the Capcom-Unity forum.

Asked about worldwide sales of Okami (and Wii title Zack & Wiki), he added: "Alas, unless our investor relations team gives out the numbers, I can't do so. And in both cases, they haven't."

Later in the thread, though, Svensson also responded to one forumite's exasperated comment that the game is hard to find in Europe.

"We brings things to retailers to sell... retailers decide what to put on their shelf and how much of it.

"Obviously, we push as hard as we can to make that happen. Sometimes retailers opt to not take product or they take only a small quantity.

"And how good the game is, unfortunately is only a part of the equation."

How good is Okami? Well, Capcom's Zelda-inspired action-adventure earned 10/10 from us - twice. Kristan fell in love with it on PS2 and Keza felt much the same way about the Wii version.

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