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MS says 360 will win console war

Will beat PS3 this generation, it says.

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Xbox 360 boss Don Mattrick has boldly claimed that his console will win the war. "I'm willing to declare here today that Xbox 360 will sell more consoles worldwide this generation than PS3," he said.

His comments were made during the Microsoft E3 press conference earlier this evening. He revealed that US 360 sales were at 10.3 million, which is "5 million-plus" higher than PS3, citing NPD Group data.

Mattrick also went on to say that third-party game revenue on 360 had already "outpaced the Wii and PS3 combined".

But he made the most noise for Xbox Live, revealing it had now bulged to over 12 million members.

"A new member joins every five seconds," said Mattrick. Between them those members have spent "more than one billion dollars", we were told.

Microsoft also showed a redesigned Xbox Live dashboard and announced partnerships with film rental service Netflix and NBC and Universal Studios. This means shows such as The Office US and Battlestar Galactica are on their way, although these announcements were limited to the US.

New European partnerships include Renown Studios, MGM and Constantin, so we can all download The Chronicles of Riddick and Fast And The Furious. Finally.

Head over to our full live text coverage of the Microsoft E3 conference for a blow-by-blow account.

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