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Two new modes for Metal Gear Online

Team Sneaking and Headshot Only.

Konami has updated Metal Gear Online with two free new gameplay modes: Team Sneaking and Headshot Only.

Team Sneaking lets all the members of one team play as a Snake-style secret agent, invisible unless spotted. Their objective is to infiltrate and attack their goal, but if the defending team spots them they will have to hide until a timer runs down.

Just like the single-player, then, except online. Some, like our own Dan Whitehead, would argue that there should have been more of that in MGO to start with. As he pointed out in his 7/10 review, MGO's Sneaking Mission - where one player plays as Snake - was the only real nod to the game's traditions.

The other mode, Headshot Only, should be self-explanatory. We hope anyway, or we've seriously misjudged our audience.

You can keep up with MGO's ongoing updates via Konami's official website, and we'll continue to note them here. After much faffing around downloading the PS3 2.41 firmware earlier we can also confirm that the above modes are available to European gamers, too.