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More Cooking Mama for Wii

Better graphics than Jamie Oliver.

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Majesco has decided to make another Cooking Mama game for Wii. It's due sometime this year in the US, but there's no word on Europe.

Subtitled World Kitchen, this sequel will come to life in full 3D and have lots more recipes to teach you: from parfait to shrimp something or other. And we like shrimp.

There's a bit of comedy mixed in when you botch something up as well; flip a burger too high, for example, and Mama will catch it in her apron. Probably rendering the burger useless.

We're also promised some sort of rhythm mechanic to make boring bits like stirring more enjoyable.

Cooking Mama has been a storming success and has baked its way to over 2 million units sold around the world.

Cooking Mama: Cook Off (released May 2007), alongside the DS original (released December 2006), still commands a spot in the UK all formats top 40, albeit at 39.

The DS sequel Cooking Mama 2, released in February 2008, finished this week at 22.

Pop over to our Cooking Mama: World Kitchen gallery to see what it looks like.

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