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Cooking Mama 2 on menu

Fresh Wii and DS dishes.

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505 Games has announced it will be bringing two more Cooking Mama games to Europe.

It's the sequel to the culinary concoction from earlier in the year, which challenges you to create increasingly difficult dishes from scratch. This means chopping and preparing your ingredients as well as seasoning them correctly and generally cooking a meal.

The new version will have more recipes, twice as many mini-games, and a new multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends to a "cook off". Although there's no food to eat at the end, unless you gobble-up your controller.

The DS version came first in late 2006, with the Wii version following in May this year. But while Cooking Mama sounded fantastic as a concept, in practice it was a little shallow, short and clumsy. If Japanese developer Office Create can polish up on its weak points this time, it could be the cook book you've been waiting for.

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