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505 serving Cooking Mama

Due out here in December.

505 Games has announced that DS chef-'em-up Cooking Mama will be released in Europe on 8th December, having already come out in the US and Japan.

And they've also released a few more screenshots to help whet the appetite for whetting the appetite.

As you'll know if you've read our review of the US version, Cooking Mama involves preparing meals by completing a series of stylus-driven mini-games in a colourful kitchen, although we reckon the repetition gets a bit much in the end.

Still a "charming novelty game" though, Cooking Mama might be just the thing for mums and nieces this Christmas, and no, we're not just being rampagingly sexist there; that's what our own lady-reviewer reckoned:

"My mum adores this. So does my niece, whose adorable little sticky fingerprints are now all over my lovely new Noble Pink DS Lite. Unfortunately I'm not anything like as enamoured with it, and I'm guessing that if you're a regular reader of this website your sentiments are more likely to tally with mine than with those of a seven-year-old girl whose primary concerns in life seem to be ponies and how many of those candy bracelet things she can fit on her arms at once. Bless."

Oh well. Read the review for more.

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