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Microsoft unveils 60GB Xbox 360

Out in US early August.

Microsoft is to launch an Xbox 360 with a 60GB hard drive in North America next month for USD 349, confirming rumours circulating last week.

The new model will go on sale in the US and Canada from early August. The existing 20GB model will cease production and be reduced to USD 299 (GBP 151) while stocks last.

"We know consumers need more and more space to store the amazing digital content Xbox 360 offers, and we're giving it to them at no extra charge," said Albert Penello, Xbox director of product management at Microsoft.

"No one device offers the depth and breadth of entertainment that Xbox 360 can deliver, and now you'll have three times the storage to manage all that great content."

The 60GB Xbox 360 comes with an HDMI port, wireless pad, wired headset and one-month subscription to Xbox Live.

The cost of the other two Xbox 360 units remains the same: the Arcade model for USD 279 (GBP 141) and the Elite model for USD 449 (GBP 226).

Microsoft has yet to confirm its European plans, but an announcement may be likely this evening at its E3 press conference.

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