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"No permanent solution" to MGO problems

Konami gives full report and says sorry.

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Konami has admitted there are currently "no permanent solutions" to technical hiccups relating to the Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion.

That's according to information on the official game website, where the publisher apologised for any inconvenience caused.

"We regret to inform that the release of expansion pack Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion on 17th July 2008 was marred by major system related problems resulting in great inconveniences for all our customers," reads the statement.

"We have been taking numerous corrective measures since the problems initially started, but unfortunately there are no permanent solutions we can announce at the present moment."

For now, restrictions on which IP addresses can access the MGO Shop are still in place, but Konami is confident this will speed up waiting times. The company has no idea when the Reward Shop will re-open.

Still, Konami has finished refunding everyone who bought items from the MGO shop but never received them - so that's something.

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