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Ubisoft details Armored Core for Answer

From Software mech-ing another.

Ubisoft has whipped the sheets off the next Armored Core game.

This was unveiled prematurely as "Armored Core 4 Answer", but is actually called "Armored Core for Answer", which still makes no sense to us. This, as you know, is heading to PS3 and 360 in October.

The biggest talking points are the two sets of controls: one for beginners and one for veterans. Series developer From Software is also adding lots more parts to collect and customise your robot with, plus co-op for two of you and online battles for eight.

Armored Core for Answer is set in a future where lots of pollution and lots of building work has wrecked the planet, if you can imagine such a place.

Most of the humans have been forced into aerial communities called Cradles, by a company called The League. ORCA rebels fiercely resist this tyranny, while independent city states look out for themselves. Your choice is who to help, and which of the three endings to pursue.

New in this instalment are enormous boss battle-stations you can climb into and destroy from the inside out by finding their weak underbellies.

We're told there will be plenty of scenario variation such as deserts and fields and snow and night missions, as well as underground areas, cities and more.

Head over to our Armored Core for Answer gallery for the first shots.