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IK+ heads VC update

Neo Turf Masters, City Connection follow.

Funny and fantastic C64 fighting game IK+ leads the weekly Virtual Console update for Nintendo Wii.

Developed by Archer Maclean back when people wore shoulder pads unironically, it's also full to the brim with Easter Eggs - like pressing buttons to make trousers fall down - and some of the most entertaining mini-games ever. IK+ costs 500 Points (approx GBP 3.50 / EUR 5) on Virtual Console.

Much newer in the world of old games is Neo Turf Masters, a NeoGeo title that only appeared in 1999. It's a golf game about scoring golf runs and potting balls or something. Tom says he used to spend many hours staring at the blown-up top-down hole-map on his NeoGeo Pocket Color, which is very suspicious phrasing if nothing else. Neo Turf Masters costs 900 Points (approx GBP 6.30 / EUR 9).

Last this week is City Connection from the NES days of 1985. You drive a Honda around famous places and paint them white to win while the police try and stop you. City Connection costs 500 Points (approx GBP 3.50 / EUR 5).

As usual, Eurogamer's almost family can-we-adopt-him-anyway Dan Whitehead will be slicing these up into scores very soon, but if you're desperate to start rambling about IK+ then you can do so on the thread for EG Retro's IK+ review.

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