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Warner making episodic Watchmen games

Doesn't want a "low-quality" movie tie-in.

Warner Bros. has partnered with Deadline Games to create at least two downloadable games based on the Watchmen film.

The first of these episodes will be available alongside the movie launch next March, according to Variety.

The decision to go with shorter downloadable offerings - PSN, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC - was made to achieve a better quality final product than most movie tie-ins, apparently.

"We don't want a low-quality console game that will get lost at retail," said Warner big shot Samantha Ryan. "A downloadable game allows us to deliver the experience that fans expect."

Deadline Games is responsible for Total Overdose, Chilli Con Carnage, and upcoming action outing Faith and a .45.

The Watchmen is an acclaimed comic book written by Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, From Hell) and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. The film is being created by 300 and Dawn of the Dead (2004) director Zack Snyder.