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SouthPeak unveils RTS and FPS hybrid

Called Raven Squad, out this autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SouthPeak has whipped the wrappers off a brand new RTS and FPS hybrid for PC and Xbox 360.

Dubbed Raven Squad, it puts you in control of mercenaries behind enemy lines in the Amazon where be crocodiles and brightly-coloured frogs.

Of your eight squad members, each will stand out in a different way so your plan will need to hatch around them. Sounds a bit like that Commandos game from 1998.

The differentiator here is being able to zoom in and execute your strategy in first-person as your squad members.

Hungarian developer Atomic Motion, which we've never heard of and cannot track down on the Internet, will be making it, and aims to pump it out this autumn.

"Atomic Motion is creating something that's visually compelling and building new boundaries in what a military title can accomplish," said Melanie Mroz, responsibility-holder at SouthPeak.

"Fans of both RTS and FPS games are going to love it, as will anyone who enjoys intense, action titles."

Pop into our Raven Squad gallery to see what it looks like.

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