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New info on Conan PVP revamp

Test server spills beans.

The first hard details on the new player-versus-player combat systems being introduced to Funcom's fantasy MMO Age of Conan have emerged over on Massively.

The details come from the game's test server, so are naturally subject to change. But they give some idea what to expect from the much-anticipated revamp, which we discussed with director Gaute Godager in our recent interview.

As it stands, the new "notoriety" system will start you out as Innocent. If you attack an Innocent player in the world, you'll be flagged as a Criminal; if you kill one, you'll gain Murder Points. With enough Murder Points you become a Murderer, guards will attack you, you won't be able to speak to traders, and other players will gain extra rewards for killing you. There's no penalty for killing Criminals or Murderers.

A PVP-specific levelling system will also be introduced. There will be ten PVP levels to get through, gained by accumulating PVP experience by killing players, but you can lose it when you die in PVP.

There will also be PVP armour and weapon rewards. You'll buy these with regular in-game money, but you'll need to meet PVP level requirements before you can use them.

Eurogamer MMO will have a full report on these and other aspects of player warfare in Age of Conan after the new systems are patched into the game. In the meantime, check Massively for more details, or visit our gamepage for all things Age of Conan.