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Resistance 2 beta will be worldwide

Scheduled for September or thereabouts.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Insomniac has said that it will be running a public multiplayer beta for Resistance 2 on PS3 later this year and that it will extend to "all territories".

Originally announced as an exclusive part of PSN's downloadable Qore TV show, Insomniac reassured fans via Kotaku that there will be "many ways to get in", including a retail pre-order package in North America.

"For all of you folks outside of North America are up in arms because Qore is NA only, please don't worry," the statement went on to say.

"This is one of many ways to get in, and we plan to make the beta available in all territories, as we need to test all servers and worldwide play. Further details on how to get into the beta will be forthcoming."

We've contacted Sony UK to find out if there are any more details available. According to the original Qore labelling, the beta is "scheduled" for September.

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