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New Resistance novel announced

Plugs gap between second and third games.

The Resistance universe is due to get a little more meat on its bones this summer, with the release of a second spin-off novel.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Resistance: A Hole in the Sky will pick things up directly after the conclusion of Resistance 2 and follow Resistance 3 hero Joseph Capelli's story right up to the start of the impending threequel.

No firm release date has been confirmed but we do know it's penned by William C. Dietz. You may remember him from such gaming novels as Hitman: Enemy Within, Halo: The Flood, StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils and Resistance: The Gathering Storm.

Non-readers, worry not - your next Resistance fix isn't too far off. The third entry in Insomniac Games' FPS franchise is due for release on PlayStation 3 on 6th September.

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