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No PAL PS3 video store in 2008

But Sony is committed to doing one.

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Sony Europe boss David Reeves has said that the PS3's new video store will not launch in PAL territories in 2008.

"This will not come to the PAL markets this year," Reeves said at a SCEE event in Santa Monica today.

"But," he continued, "[Sony uber-boss] Sir Howard Stringer has made the commitment that [it] will come to all regions in due course and it will.

"The dates and content for the video download service will be announced later this year.

"For us...local content is key and that is exactly what we're working on right now."

Sony's video store allows US gamers to rent and buy standard and high definition films, which are downloaded and stored on the PS3's hard disk.

What's more, they can be transferred to the PSP and watched on the go.

Reeves wouldn't be drawn on specific video store plans but did point out that the launch of Go!View in the UK and Ireland was a potential consolation.

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