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PSP video service launches in the UK

Sky and Sony unleash Go!View.

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Sony and Sky have launched the Go!View video service for PSP in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

This lets you download telly from the Go!View website onto your PC and transfer it across to your PSP. So far Disney, ABC, ESPN, the BBC, Sony Pictures, NBC, National Geographic and Sky Sports are offering their content.

That means you will be able to look at cars in Top Gear or women in Desperate Housewives or aliens in Dr. Who or ogres in Premier League football.

There are three monthly subscription packs available for GBP 5 (EUR 7) each: comedy, sport, and entertainment. You can bundle two together for GBP 8 (EUR 11), or all three for GBP 10 (EUR 17). Plus the trio can be trialled free for a month.

Select films and telly programs can be rented from GBP 1.50 (EUR 2) an episode, or GBP 2.50 (EUR 3.20) for a film.

Sony also promises that Go!View will continue to expand over time.

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