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Metal Gear Online add-on this week

Survival mode, maps, heroes, females.

Konami plans to expand Metal Gear Online this Thursday by adding its first Online Gene Expansion pack.

This costs EUR 9.99 (approximately GBP 8) and adds a trio of maps, a Survival mode, the Reward shop, more heroes plus the ability to create female characters.

The maps are Coppertown Conflict, which has wide open streets to stalk around; Tomb of Tubes with its labyrinth of underground passages; and Virtuous Vista, a big outdoor area for long-range assaults.

Survival mode has you battling through increasingly tricky stages to earn points you can spend on new gear in the Reward shop. Meryl and Johnny from the single-player campaign are the added heroes.

"The new update represents terrific value for money, and will be followed by additional add-ons in the coming months designed to keep Metal Gear Online fans enthralled with the new possibilities they will bring," said Christopher Heck from Konami.

Metal Gear Online is the multiplayer accompaniment to Metal Gear Solid 4. Pop over to our Metal Gear Online review to find out more.