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MAG set for spring 2009

PS3 exclusive with huge online battles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has told us to expect PS3 exclusive MAG, or Massive Action Game, in spring 2009.

"Coming in spring will be inFamous and MAG, and God of War [3] will be coming later in 2009," David Reeves told Eurogamer at an E3 event last night.

MAG was the big reveal at the Sony E3 press conference on Tuesday evening. SOCOM outfit Zipper Interactive is making it with a headline grabbing feature of 256-player online battles.

The idea is to break these up into smaller-squads of eight that bind together to make an army. This is supposed to promote the intimacy of squad-based games against the back drop of an enormous war.

You will be able to climb ranks and essentially level your soldier up online, and only those who have proven themselves will become squad and overall war leaders.

Spring is much earlier than we were expecting to see MAG, as we have heard nothing about it previously.

Head over to Eurogamer TV for the very first MAG trailer.

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