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Wolfenstein and Quake Live at E3?

If not, QuakeCon's later this month.

The long-awaited new PC/Xbox 360 Castle Wolfenstein game could be pitching up at E3 next week, judging by a teaser press release put out by GameTrailers TV.

The video-heavy site will be doing a range of shows during the trade event and one of them, "GTTV's E3 Minute" promises "something special from id Software and Raven Software". (Well spotted, Kotaku.)

As we know from id's previous comments on the subject, the new Wolfenstein game is a collaboration between the Texas-based series creator and long-time partner Raven.

The GTTV press release also mentions that Quake Live will be shown at E3, potentially giving us our first proper look at the free-to-play web-distributed Quake 3 Arena shooter. Id Software hasn't commented on either report yet.

However, while both games could well be at E3, it's more likely that they will be shown properly at id's annual QuakeCon shindig in Dallas at the end of the month. That's where the company unveiled Rage and Quake Live (then Quake Zero) last year, despite a heavy presence to showcase id Tech 5 at E3 a few weeks previously.

If all goes to plan, we should be at E3 and QuakeCon again this year, so we'll try and keep you up to date with all the latest developments.