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No Castle Wolfenstein in '07

id Software fills us in.

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id boss Todd Hollenshead has given us an update on the progress of the new Castle Wolfenstein title - but don't hold your breath, as its release is definitely "not this year".

Castle Wolfenstein, in the works at Quake 4 developer Raven Software, was first announced for Xbox 360 way back at Microsoft's X05 event in October 2005, and subsequently confirmed for PC. But since then it's all gone quieter than a library of mutes.

"Raven is still developing it," Hollenshead reassured us yesterday. "I hope we'll be able to have some more news about the game within a reasonably short period of time. We made the announcement that the 360 was the primary development platform - that hasn't changed, but it is in development for the PC as well.

"Wolfenstein is a game that's close to my heart. It was the first game that I played even before I came to work at id in 1996 as CEO, and I played it until I had motion-sickness from trying to find all the secrets behind the walls.

"The new Wolfenstein is going to be a game that is different and unique in its own right, but still B.J. Blazkowicz in the Wolfenstein universe, with all the cool stuff and the unique stuff there. And hopefully we'll have some more details about how that is all going to work before too long."

X07, or Microsoft's E3 conference (both still 'TBC', we should add), would seem like obvious opportunities for a proper reveal.

In the meantime, id fans can look forward to the snazzy-looking and nearly-finished Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, in development at UK studio Splash Damage, which our previewer liked rather a lot, and which boss Paul "Locki" Wedgwood assured us yesterday is releasing "later this year".

How hard is it to get a date around here?

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