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Perry says E3 was an "embarrassment"

Threatens not to turn up ever again.

David Perry, big cheese at Acclaim and founder of Shiny Entertainment, has added his voice to those criticising E3, calling it "broken", "stupid", and an "embarrassment".

He told GamesIndustry.biz the event lacks the "talent, passion and energy this industry has", and that he can no longer take potential investors along to get them excited about games.

"I've got to agree with the comment by John Riccitiello, about E3. If there aren't dramatic changes to the format and staff, I'm never going again," Perry told GamesIndustry.biz.

"The concept is broken, it's expensive, messages are diluted, consumers are ignored (remembering that the future of this industry is direct connections with consumers - not retailers), the ticket policies are stupid, and if the entire industry worldwide doesn't participate, it's not real anyway."

Last week EA boss John Riccitiello and top Ubisoft execs Laurent Detoc and Alain Corre were equally blunt about the re-badged E3 Media & Business Summit.

This year the event moved back in to the LA Convention Centre after making its smaller-scale July debut in 2007 across numerous hotels in Santa Monica.

Organising outfit the ESA is yet to respond.