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More than 160 games coming to iPhone

Jobs for the toys.

Apple kingpin Steve Jobs has revealed that 160 games will be available from the App Store when it launches in the US today.

Speaking to the NY Times, Jobs let slip that 500 applications in total will be up for download, 160 of which are games. Jobs also stated that 25 per cent of the applications will be free and 90 per cent of the total will be less than USD 9.99. He didn't give specific pricing figures for games.

Our incredible maths skills enable us to calculate that at least some of the games will be less than USD 9.99. Isn't that good? And you thought we were mere creativity engines.

The ever ebullient Jobs proclaimed, "We're not trying to be business partners," highlighting Apple's generous slicing of the profit pie - 70 per cent will go straight to the developers behind the applications.

That doesn't mean applications will be cheap, however. Netter's Anatomy, a medical anatomy "flash card" application, will set you back a hernia-inducing USD 39.99.

Those who want to be ahead of the curve should remember that these applications will require the 2.0 iPhone software update before they'll function. The software is out there on the Internet, but not officially. So keep it to yourselves.