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Hendrix playable in Guitar Hero 4

Live version of Purple Haze promised.

Activision has snagged the rights to put a virtual Jimi Hendrix in Guitar Hero World Tour.

The game will also feature two of his songs: The Wind Cries Mary and a live version of Purple Haze, according to CBC News. Other tracks are to be added as downloadable content in the future.

The only Hendrix song to appear previously in the series was a cover of Spanish Castle Magic, as well as that suspiciously similar-looking avatar in Guitar Hero III.

It adds an exclusivity boost to the Activision series in face of fierce competition from Rock Band 2, which has secured deals with Guns N' Roses, Bob Dylan and AC/DC.

We heard earlier this month that music label Front Line Management is in talks with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band over deals with acts such as Van Halen and The Eagles.

However, Led Zeppelin is still yet to appear in either as it is unhappy with people fondling its catalogue.