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Piranha Bytes doing new game

It isn't Gothic 4.

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Deep Silver will be publishing a new game from Gothic developer Piranha Bytes.

However, according to a spokesperson for the publisher, it won't be a fourth instalment in the fantasy role-playing series that Piranha Bytes will be working on. Instead it will focus on a completely new project.

"We aren't speaking about Gothic 4 at all, as it isn't a game that will be released by Piranha Bytes; we are speaking about a new project," the spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"It will be something that takes advantage of the know-how and knowledge of previous Piranha Bytes games. We expect to have details in roughly a month's time."

We recently learned that work was going ahead on a fourth Gothic game without Piranha Bytes' input, and this fresh revelation seems to suggest it will stay that way.

Gothic 3 was released for PC last October. It gained wide critical acclaim (including some from us and our German counterpart), and has gone on to shift more than half a million copies worldwide.

Head over to our Gothic 3 review to find out more.

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