Gothic 3

Why Gothic dev Piranha dumped JoWooD

And what happens next for the Gothic IP.

Gothic 3 scored only 8/10 because developer JoWooD "forced" the game's release when it was "not ready", developer Piranha Bytes has revealed to Eurogamer.

Gothic 3 add-on fix coming this year

No more buggy games, promises JoWooD.

JoWooD has told Eurogamer that a patch to fix buggy Gothic 3 expansion Forsaken Gods will arrive "within this year", although it has been nearly two weeks since the original and quite severe problems were reported.

Gothic 3 gets Forsaken Gods expansion

Gothic 3 gets Forsaken Gods expansion

To bridge gap to fourth game.

JoWooD plans to release a Gothic 3 expansion in Q4 this year.

Dubbed Forsaken Gods, it promises to answer all sorts of outstanding questions and act as a "seamless step" to Gothic 4.

The publisher also insisted that it will be watching the forums closely to try and incorporate your ideas, so put on your robe and wizard hat and get thinking.

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Gothic 3

Gothic 3

A well-trimmed beard can take you places.

In order to set the scene, let's go back to the first couple of hours in Piranha Byte's third-person swords and goblins adventure and take a gander at my mission list:

- Collect ten wolfskins

- Take care of group of bandits

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Gothic 3 dated

Er, properly this time.

JoWooD and Deep Silver have announced that Gothic 3 will be released on October 13th in Europe.

Gothic 3 dated

'When it's done' translated.

JoWooD has announced, with no small amount of modesty, that it has "the answer to all your prayers", assuming you're a Gothic fan: Gothic 3 is due out in September 2006.