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Gothic 3 dated

'When it's done' translated.

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JoWooD has announced, with no small amount of modesty, that it has "the answer to all your prayers", assuming you're a Gothic fan: Gothic 3 is due out in September 2006.

Apparently this is an improvement on "when it's done", although some reports suggest that it's a bit of a slip. Either way, it's due in September now, alright?

Gothic 3 introduces a new graphics engine to developer Piranha Byte's RPG series, as well as a new combat system and non-linear levels, and continues to offer all sorts of side quests and the like. The plot this time concerns you and your friends' fight across the mainland of Myrtana, having spent the first two games fighting from prisoner to hero of Khorinis (apparently - like I'd know).

"The situation is desperate: The orcs have beaten King Rhobar's troops and are ruling the most important parts of Myrtana, enslaving the human population. Only the tricky inhabitants of the south and the wild barbarians of the icy north are holding against the orcish domination," says the lit.

"And there are rebels, lurking around in the shadows of Myrtana's forests and trying to fight a hit and run guerilla war. It's your choice if you want to join them or the orcs - but whatever you do, the destiny of Myrtana will depend on you!"

In September 2006.

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