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Ninjas and arty fights on VC this week

NeoGeo treats for all.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has added two more NeoGeo titles to the Virtual Console.

The first of these is Ninja Commando, a top-down vertically-scrolling shooter that has ninjas and commandos and time travel. It also has a rubbish but very funny English translation.

The Art of Fighting 2 is the other game. This is one of the first fisticuffs efforts by SNK and has all the hallmarks we've come to expect from the developer: flashy moves, fancy animation, countless sequels.

These NeoGeo treats cost you 900 Wii Points, or GBP 6.30 / EUR 9 in real money.

We'll be bringing you our thoughts on these after E3, in a special bumper Virtual Console roundup.

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