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Gears film gets Legendary boost

Hollywood studios splitting the bill.

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Legendary Pictures, responsible for Batman Begins and co-financing The Dark Knight, has agreed to put up half the money for the upcoming Gears of War film.

The other half is already being spotted by New Line Cinema, according to Variety, which began the movie adaptation early last year.

Those attached to the project so far are Die Hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift writer Chris Morgan, who will be redrafting the original script by Stuart Beattie (of Collateral and Pirates of the Caribbean fame).

The cast is yet to be revealed, if there indeed is one yet, and the Gears of War film is expected in summer 2010.

Epic, developer of the Gears of War game, has appointed designer Cliff Bleszinski as creative go-between to ensure the film remains as faithful as possible to the original IP. Tom met the man formerly known as "Cliffy B" at E3 recently, and said he was very nice.

Legendary Pictures was also responsible for action film 300 and is behind the helm on upcoming comic-book adaptation Watchmen.

Interestingly, Legendary Pictures boss Thomas Tull is one of the co-founders of Brash Entertainment, a videogame publisher specialising in movie tie-ins. [That's not interesting. - Ed]

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