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Jade Empire added to Xbox Originals

Old days martial arts RPG from BioWare.

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BioWare role-playing adventure Jade Empire is the latest to be added to Xbox Originals. This, like all the others, costs 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 14.40) to download.

Jade Empire takes you back to a fictitious China hundreds of years ago. It sees you spin-kicking and face-palming baddies, ranging from ghouls to ruffians to martial masters.

This is typical BioWare territory with good (Open Palm) and evil (Closed Fist) paths to follow, and appropriate rewards waiting at the end of both.

Jade Empire is pretty even by 2008 standards, and has an engaging mystical story to uncover.

Head over to our Jade Empire Xbox review from 2005 to find out more.

Alternatively, pop over to the official Xbox site for a full list of Xbox Originals.

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