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Jade Empire 2 makes noises

EA gives closed fist.

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EA has parried rumours that Jade Empire 2 is in development by unsurprisingly offering no comment.

It was responding to speculation spread by The Mercury News writer Dean Takahashi, who claimed a friend had seen code in action, thus proving its existence, which is about as convincing as Hulk Hogan's acting.

Apparently the Xbox 360 will be the platform of choice, following developer BioWare's historical console relationship with Microsoft - started by Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox in 2003.

However, the recent acquisition of the developer by EA suggests a PS3 version may go hand-in-hand.

Jade Empire was released in 2005 as an action role-playing game set in a mystical and mythical ancient Asian land. Typically for BioWare it featured heavy character interaction and lengthy dialogue sections, as well as began to favour a more twitch-based combat system.

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