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NCsoft merges Heroes and Villains cities

Unified world lays foundations for future.

NCsoft has finished merging its City of Heroes and City of Villains worlds into one game universe.

Subscribers who had only one of the titles will now get access to both sets of features, as will those picking up either game for the first time.

"In setting the stage for our upcoming plans for the IP, we felt the time was right to truly consolidate the City of Heroes and City of Villains universe," said Brian Clayton from NCsoft.

"We have removed all restrictions that were created when City of Villains launched in order to make way for some really cool content and features we have in the pipeline.

"This is an evolution of the IP that lays the foundation for what's to come," he added.

The unified world is said to benefit improvements to Superground Bases and raids, offline character rewards and the Mission Maker.