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Age of Conan available to download

You'd better have lots of Internets.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Funcom has announced that its fantasy MMO Age of Conan is now available as a direct download from the developer's website.

The game costs just under GBP 40, EUR 50 and USD 50. It comes with 32 days' free play time - that's two more than the boxed copy, "due to the time estimated for downloads".

You'll certainly need patience and a fast Internet connection with a plentiful download allowance - the game client is 15 gigabytes in size.

The game is delivered through a download manager that supports pause and resume, so you won't need to worry about getting it all at once.

Funcom owns all the rights to Age of Conan, takes all the subscription fees, and operates the game on its own. Moving to digital downloads means it's now possible to buy and play Age of Conan without sending a single penny the way of troubled publisher Eidos. Poor old Eidos. Have a heart!

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