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Elden Ring dataminer finds out what happens when you wake up the game's giants

Reaching great heights.

One Elden Ring dataminer has given us all a closer look at two of the game's gigantic NPCs, including "what is probably the largest dragon in any From Software game so far, depending on how particular you are about what's allowed to be called a dragon."

Please be aware there may be spoilers ahead.

Zullie The Witch has shared a new video, highlighting the Great Jar and Greyoll.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring Side Quests for dummies: Side Quests You Need to do - Elden Ring PS5 Gameplay

"One tool Elden Ring uses to add enemy variety without needing new assets is creating resized versions of other NPCs," Zullie explains. As such, "the Great Jar and Greyoll make quite an impression for what probably wasn't that much work on the development side of things."

Both of these NPCs can be found in the Northern half of Caelid. The Great Jar sits near a currently inaccessible arena (smells like DLC to me), while Greyoll can be found in Greyoll's Dragonbarrow.

As Zullie points out in the video, a lot of the NPCs, regardless of their size, will use the same animations as their smaller counterparts. "As a result, we can force these complacent giants to get up, as they have access to all the animations of their smaller kin," Zullie states.

Exploiting this mechanic, Zullie has worked out that, at its full height, the Great Jar stands at roughly 34m tall. That is twelve times the size of Alexander. The Great Jar can also be provoked into attacking, but it does not spawn any hit boxes.

Meanwhile, Greyoll is an estimated 86m tall. This is so large, that the game has difficulty to get her to stand (those who have played Elden Ring will know that the in game explanation for Greyoll's position of lying on the ground is explained by the Scarlet Rot, which prevents her from flying). Zullie also reveales that, on occasion, the game can struggle so much with Greyoll, it just shuts down all together.

You can check out Zullie's video for yourself below.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring - Waking up the giants